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It took two years to reach one million downloads… then exponential growth!

2015 has been a year of BBVA Wallet globally.

Which other bank has two million downloads in five countries?

We have spent two years and made several upgrades to our Spanish Wallet to reach one million. Then during the summer of this year we have launched our wallets in Chile, Mexico and USA. Then in November in Turkey.

We have HCE payments in Spain and Turkey; soon Mexico will have it as well and in the next few months Chile and USA will offer it to our customers.

And the best of all is that in 2016 we will offer our wallet in Colombia and Argentina and will surpass five million downloads.

I have been an adamant advocate of the transformation from plastic to mobile payments. I always believed that we could also offer a much better service level to our cardholders with a great app.

Although we launched BBVAWallet much before ApplePay and AndroidPay, journalists still ask us what the difference is. And the answer is a lot. We are a bank. We can offer many other services that a technology company cannot offer. Hence while a tech company cuts through the banking vertically and offers only a payments slice, we can offer the whole horizontal and integrated service.

Showing your card balance and available limit. Ability to temporarily close and open your cards to all transactions, to internet, to cash, to international. Change your PIN. Change your due date. Pay your card. Ask for an additional card. Ask for a limit increase. See all promotions from the merchants. Pay with points. Get installment options.

These are the things only banks can do and we are offering all these services to our clients. Today. To almost two million customers in five countries. Next year, to five million customers. And in five years, I am positive all our customers of 80 million debit and credit cards will have downloaded BBVAWallet.

It is easy, smart and right thing to do. Shopping gets fun with BBVAWallet.

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