How to Become an Innovative Company?

My dad was a wise man. He imparted many words of wisdom that I still use today. One of his phrases was this: “Time is the only democratic resource given to mankind.” By this, he meant that all of us – no matter how rich or poor, young...

apple card

Mobile’s hot – plastic’s not!

Banks, take note from Apple on customer loyalty By Mehmet Sezgin, CEO & Founder, myGini Love it or hate it, the Apple Card is now in the hands of shoppers whose verdicts can change the current U.S. financial ecosystem. As one of the biggest...

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Q&A for the start-up life

Q. Let’s start with a general question;  how is the startup life treating you since you left the professional career after 32 years? It has now been almost two years since you started this journey, right? Well, so far so good...

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An Invitation to Automation

“It takes away thinking” About four years ago while I was still working at BBVA, I visited San Francisco for several meetings including one with Apple about Apple pay. After I finished the meetings in downtown in the first couple of days I took a...

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