Turkcell Launches the Most Advanced Mobile Wallet with Garanti

Istanbul, Turkey, October 4, 2012 – Turkcell (NYSE:TKC, ISE: TCELL), the leading communications and technology company in Turkey has developed the most advanced mobile wallet solution in the world, Turkcell Wallet, offering all innovative solutions on a single commerce and payment platform.
Being a global first with its feature that enables physical or online shopping by just using the mobile phone number, instead of the credit card; Turkcell Wallet is a SIM based application, working on all mobile phones. The transactions can be initiated through the SIM menu on all phones, or with a native application on smartphones, and it supports contactless payment on NFC-enabled phones. This unique service is also available for all Turkcell customers, whether they are bank customers or not. Turkcell makes Turkcell Wallet readily available for 28 million Turkcell subscribers from day one to provide the simple and secure mobile transaction experience 24/7. The features of Turkcell Wallet can be summarized as follows:

1) Simple, secure, and fast payment through the mobile:
– E-commerce payments: By simply using a mobile phone number during online shopping with participating websites through cards on Turkcell Wallet.
– Contactless payment: Via NFC-enabled handsets at contactless acceptance points.
– Face to face payments: Very soon, by simply entering mobile phone numbers on a POS device at participating stores to complete payments through cards on Turkcell Wallet.

2) Mobile Banking:

– Money Transfers: Enables cash transfer to any person’s mobile number 24/7 without requiring a bank account.
– Air-time top-up: To any Turkcell prepaid account within seconds.
– Purchasing Package Options: Easy purchase of voice, SMS, data or bundle packages.
– Utility payments: Very soon, it will be possible to pay Turkcell invoices, utility bills and those of other participating institutions.

3) Mobile loyalty program:
– Offers and coupons: The offers tailored to the personal needs and location based services of various shopping and daily offer websites can be viewed and purchased simultaneously.

Turkcell CEO Sureyya Ciliv commented that “Mobile communication technologies change the way of doing business and reshape the world, while finance and banking take the lead in this rapid adaption. Investing in mobile payment systems and collaborating with banks since 2008, we have introduced global firsts and become the driving force of this change in Turkey. Turkcell Wallet is unique and revolutionary and all that we need, by providing all offers on a single commerce and payment platform with its simple, secure, and user-friendly interface. Turkcell Wallet will open the door to a new era in shopping and e-commerce as an inventive commercial platform where all of Turkey’s leading brands and banks will be available.”
Turkcell Chief New Technology Business Officer Cenk Bayrakdar commented that “We believe that Turkcell Wallet, which we initially developed in collaboration with Garanti Bank, and which will shortly see the participation of 13 other banks, will become indispensable for our customers. Turkcell Wallet brings together the participating banks, MasterCard’s secure infrastructure, and Turkcell’s technology to combine mobile payment, mobile banking, and mobile loyalty programs in a single service to let our customers leave their wallets at home. Now your mobile becomes your wallet.”

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