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Read To Be A Better Manager And Person

Up the organization Robert Townsend ex CEO of Avis:

Although a very old book, one of the best. Very simple, no nonsense. Each topic is one chapter and each chapter is couple of pages sometimes one page. Don’t want to hear lots of analysis and hear the net advice, this book is for you.

Management by Peter F. Drucker:
Management 101. Like the big bang theory. All starts from here. Drucker is the father of modern management as we know it. (or assume to know…) Big thick book but all the McKinsey bs(!) stops there.

The new Realities by Peter F. Drucker:
White collar becomes knowledge worker. Want to understand today’s challenges for organizations, read this book and a whole new understanding will be with you.

My Years with General Motors by Alfred P. Sloan.
His name is now with MIT’s management school. One of the pioneers of the real management execution. In a multi line multi product multi billion environment. Centralization vs decentralization is at its best.

Power Shift by Alvin Toffler
One of the best thinkers of the 20th century. Clearly saw what 21st century was going to bring. Still ahead of his time. Want to see 10 to 20 years in time, read this book.

The pursuit of WOW. By Tom Peters. 
How do you make a difference for the customers? A very easy to read book. Peters simply says love what you and show it!!!!

The Art of Japanese Management bt Athos and Pascal: 
Can’t understand cultural differences in management without reading this book. Analyzing the once famous ITT and Matsushita (Panasonic), the authors explain how to build great management cultures in different societies. Inventors of the famous 7S system.

Beyond Certainty by Charles Handy: 
Handy is the UK’s Drucker. Unlike Drucker he comes from years of experience from the real world. (BP). He especially tackles how to combine efficiency and creativity.

22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Jack Traut and Al Ries; 
Branding, packaging, differentiating… All this new terminology start with this book. Very easy to read and understand. Yet the question will be why can’t many companies do it? Key message? Differentiate or die!

The world is flat by Thomas Friedman: 
New York Times’ Pulitzer winning journalist who lived and reported from so many different parts of the world. Can’t understand 21st century’s global market place without reading this book.

Jack; Straight from the gut by Jack Welch;
The legendary CEO of GE explains real management strategies and tactics that made him so successful for 20 years at the helm of the world largest multi line company. Especially if you work for a big company, a definitive must read!!!

Outliers: by Malcolm Gladwell: 
To be lucky so that you’ll be rich and famous, you need to be born on a certain period, work in different jobs with so many angles, and willing to put at least 10,000 hours on a certain subject. If you cry why me (or why not me), a must read.

Steve Jobs
And the last but definitely not the least the life of Steve Jobs will teach all the young people of iphones and ipads how to push one’s self to create.

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