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Read To Be A Better Manager And Person

Up the organization Robert Townsend ex CEO of Avis: Although a very old book, one of the best. Very simple, no nonsense. Each topic is one chapter and each chapter is couple of pages sometimes one page. Don’t want to hear lots of analysis and hear...

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Is It Over For US Banks in Payment Systems?

A lot of innovation comes from the US right? Well not so when it comes to cards. Almost all others either moved to smart card standard EMV already or are very near completing their migration, except the US. After so many discussions and...

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Özlemimiz, Güleç ve Güzel insan

90’lı yılların başında Bankalararası Kart Merkezi’nde yeni bir uzman iken tanıdım Özlem Ercelen İmece’yi. Ankaralı, kolej mezunu, ODTÜ işletmeyi bitirmiş, birkaç kısa iş deneyiminden sonra kendisi gibi genç olan BKM’ye katılmış. Ama o kısa...

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Türkiye’nin Önündeki Fırsatlar, Bir Yol Haritası

Türkiye bir çok ülkenin aksine bankalarıyla son 30 yılda kartlı ödeme sistemlerine sürekli ve bilinçli yatırım yaptı. Kart pazarını geliştirdi ama çok daha önemlisi üye işyeri pazarını da geliştirerek 2 milyondan fazla POS terminalini işyerlerine...

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New SME Card : Easy Amex from Bonus

Small Business owners are usually neglected by the banks. And there are several good reasons for it. Many small businesses start and fail, most are one or two people shops making it difficult to have a proper banking relation, some of them avoid...

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Can a Card Provide Barter, Helping Agriculture?

We know that cards replace cash. And we develop products with payment systems’ electronic infrastructure. There is also another phenomenon which replaces cash and actually older than cash itself: Barter! In the old days even before cash, people used...

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