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Goodbye and Hi There

My professional career started in 1984 at Price Waterhouse during my senior college year at METU in Ankara. Perhaps the only break I had to date had been my MBA studies in Boston. Even then I worked as a research assistant, had my masters and more importantly my first son. As

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Dijital CEO ile Teknoloji Sohbetleri

Sevgili dostum BKM Genel Müdürü Soner Canko'nun Dijital CEO ile Teknoloji Sohbetleri'nin 15. bölümüne San Francisco'daki ofisimizde konuk oldum. myGini ve girişimcilik üzerine gerçekleştirdiğimiz bu sohbeti aşağıdaki videodan izleyebilirsiniz. Ve tabi dijital dünyada bu kadar aktif olduğu için Soner'i tebrik ediyoruz.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=Ua9xzmwnE_4

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Mr. Victor Shiner and My Wallets

Victor is a great friend of mine. He lived in The Netherlands for more than 10 years. He travelled the world when he was young. Unlike me and lucky for him, he had nothing to do with banking, he was in fashion and retailing business (which already shows he

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The other day I was showing my wife the great e-commerce platform we built at BBVA for small and medium-size merchants in Spain called Nimble. She looked at it and simply said “I’ve done it 15 years ago”. In fact she was the founder CEO of an e-commerce platform company

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