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Book of Bonus now available at Amazon

Book of Bonus: How to create a lovemark brand with startup spirit and do it inside a big corporation - Story of Bonus Card You are in for a pleasant surprise if you assume that reading about the world of credit cards, banks and corporations could be boring.

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An Invitation to Automation

“It takes away thinking” About four years ago while I was still working at BBVA, I visited San Francisco for several meetings including one with Apple about Apple pay. After I finished the meetings in downtown in the first couple of days I took a car from the hotel

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Q&A for the start up life*

Q. Let's start with a general question;  how is the startup life treating you since you left the professional career after 32 years? It has now been almost two years since you started this journey, right? Well, so far so good. Although I had some roadblocks along the way, honestly there

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Goodbye and Hi There

My professional career started in 1984 at Price Waterhouse during my senior college year at METU in Ankara. Perhaps the only break I had to date had been my MBA studies in Boston. Even then I worked as a research assistant, had my masters and more importantly my first son. As

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