Let the Magic Begin

myGini is an integrated payments and shopping app that delivers the ultimate “win-win-win” for cardholders, retailers and banks. By serving as a bridge between MasterCard/Visa networks and financial institutions, myGini offers cardholders a superior shopping experience, while increasing transactional volume for retailers and banks. Its real-time push notifications bring banking and rewards together—as if by magic!

myGini engages customers and increases transaction activity

As a financial institution, you might have a banking app, but does it offer advanced functionality for your debit and credit cards? myGini boosts customer experience by including a series of features, including an ON/OFF button, PIN change option, limit increase, due-date change, spending alerts and real-time transaction notifications. Your customers will also appreciate personalized alerts to track their spending and the possibility of using their Android phones for purchase, all while enjoying superior benefits from a network of retailers.

Americans use their credit cards 15 times per month on average. Thanks to myGini’s push notifications, your customers will receive a bank alert every time they make a purchase, even if they don’t have your banking app. Do you want to launch a points program or improve an existing one? Contact myGini and we’ll make it happen.

myGini is also integrating its systems with the MasterCard and Visa APIs, which minimizes integration efforts on the bank’s end.

Let myGini work its magic and captivate your customers.

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