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Mobile’s hot – plastic’s not!

Banks, take note from Apple on customer loyalty By Mehmet Sezgin, CEO & Founder, myGini Love it or hate it, the Apple Card is now in the hands of shoppers whose verdicts can change the current U.S. financial ecosystem. As one of the biggest movers and shakers in the

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Comparing Apple and Oranges: Apple Card

On March 25, Apple announced a dedicated credit card, the Apple Card, set to arrive in summer 2019. Here are some of my thoughts on the reasoning behind Apple’s decision, the potential to capture market share, and how the capabilities of the Apple Card measure up against competitors and

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A fresh approach to customer loyalty – why banks and credit unions need ‘shopping inspiration’ to thrive

The article I wrote on dynamic loyalty was published in Bank Business and Credit Union Business magazines. You can check the online version here:  https://creditunionbusiness.com/a-fresh-approach-to-customer-loyalty-why-banks-and-credit-unions-need-shopping-inspiration-to-thrive/ The largest proportion of US consumers is now mobile-first. These consumers check their smartphones over 150 times a day, want

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